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The course was introduced in Kenya about a decade ago and so far over 1,000 Kenyans have pursued it and successfully graduated. A 12 Months-course costs KES 17,300 at Kentrac and a 6 Month course costs KES 27,500 at IHRM. ACADEMICCOURSES connects students with educators providing courses, preparatory years, short programs, certificates, diplomas, and more. This course aims at building people into becoming leaders in the work place. University of Embu – 6 Courses Tags: Competitive Degree Courses in Kenya Easiest Courses in Kenya Flooded Courses in Kenya Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya Hotcake Courses in Kenya Least Marketable Courses in Kenya Top 30 Most Marketable Courses in Kenya Unmarketable Courses in Kenya Useless University Degree Courses in Kenya Finally, the list comprises of the highest, most paying, and highly demanded diploma courses in Kenya in 2020. First, there are numerous top marketable and highly demanding courses in Kenya in 2020 available for study. Tala formerly Mkopo Rahisi Loan App Review. There are many diploma courses in Kenya which are hot cakes, better than even degree courses like Education and Tourism Management. Here is a List of Useless University Degree Courses in Kenya according to Commission of University Education (CUE). For example, you may locate a person with compensation of Ksh at least 100,000 and’s stunning that they have an authentication course as it were. … Most Marketable Certificate Courses in Kenya. top 10 best private universities in Kenya in 2021, 10 best and cheapest universities in Kenya for the year 2021, Mashirima Kapombe Biography Tribe Wikipedia and Profile Bio, Most Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya 2021, Short Courses at Kampala Polytechnic Mengo 2020, Top 10 Short Business Courses in Kenya Today, Victoria University Uganda Short Courses 2021, Proline Film Academy Courses 2020 List pdf, Accredited Short Certificate Courses In Demand In South Africa, Mark Zuckerberg blocks Donald Trump Facebook and Instagram accounts, White female giraffe and calf killed by poachers in Kenya, Teen Involved in an Accident Minutes After Stealing Car Keys, Uganda Musician John Blaq Reports His Managers To Police, Pastor Kills Wife in Mombasa then Kills Himself While In Church, Kirinyaga Man Kills Himself in Hospital Washroom. Below are the top best paying degrees and most marketable diploma and certificate courses in Kenya in 2021 today. Hotcake courses in Kenya? You can still take them and get a good-paying job immediately after graduation. Banqueting & Events Management; Bar Keeping Techniques Take for instance banking, about 10 years ago it was a very marketable course but that’s not the case now. By now, you have realized how advancements in technology have revolutionized the job market. If you must take such a course, it’s better to go for a business management programme which is again, sadly not one of the hotcake courses in Kenya! The average salary for an Accountant in Kenya is KSh 491,056. Front Office/Customer Care. Here are some of the certificate courses offered at Utalii College, 1. So as to keep you abreast with what job markets in Kenya require, I’ve compiled a list of courses that are hot cake at any given time. Key responsibilites include overseeing content discovery and strategy for Ugwire Digital's new ventures. Hotcake courses in Kenya? The cost of certificate courses in Kenya varies extremely and will depend on the specific course and the institution. 7242 Software Engineering is the most marketable course in Kenya, no doubt about that. Some end up landing as teachers in competitive private schools such as Aga Khan Academy, Sunshine … But, for you to survive you may … Deepfake Queen Elizabeth Delivers Message About Harry And Meghan To Prove A Point. Oh, dear. Statistics. 6. Software Engineering is the most marketable course in Kenya, no doubt about that. So, which are the most marketable courses in Kenya 2020? Lastly, here is a list of the top 10 best private universities in Kenya in 2021. With a diploma in Sofware engineering, you can work as a software engineer in computer design firms or electronic products manufacturing companies. In Kenya, you can pursue this course at; Zetech University, UON, JKUAT, NIBS Technical College, etc. With a diploma in Film Production, you can work as; film director/editor, film/TV/video producer, music producer, etc. Kenya is named for Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa. As a result, it requires more professionals to support the growth. After testing different methods, below are some of the best ways you can make money on Facebook, some very specific to the Kenyan market. cHi Mathenge: Nothing like vanilla shake and fudge cake to lift those moods :)* Still, some of the in-demand short training courses in Kenya give you skills to start earning immediately and can give you a soft landing after losing your job. On the other hand, the number of courses offered in Kenya universities has increased in the respective faculties. Are all engineering courses supposed to be valuable? Sometimes it pays to do research to determine which course is trending in the job market and which one will be useless in the near future.Based on the current job market in Kenya, the following are the best course to study in 2020 This is another marketable course in Kenya that equips you with knowledge and skills on the development, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Over the years the course has been growing in width and breadth, beating the former hot cake courses like Medicine and electrical & electronics Engineering. … All the above are some of the hotcake courses in Kenya that you should consider pursuing if you are looking for a marketable degree or diploma course. Some of the universities offering Statistics include Maseno, JKUAT, MKU, KU, and Strathmore University. However, this should not discourage you from pursuing them. Institutions that offer this course are; Technical University of Kenya, JKUAT, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, among others. Kenyamoja means one Kenya and he aggregates all Kenya news together, from locally-run news websites. In most cases, hard courses are marketable and attract few students. These values include: 1 Apolitical: The Defence Forces does not engage in any form of politics in its operations.. 2 The Civil Prerogative: The KDF takes Kenyan people as its superior. We provide over 50,000 classroom courses in over 1000 locations throughout 230 countries - Kenya +44 1344 203 999 - Available 24/7. Other highly demanded, most paying and top 30 marketable Degree courses in Kenya in 2020 are listed below. Almost every NGO in Kenya require skills of M&E experts. KeCrunch upgrades your life by helping you decide what product to buy, showing you how to get the most out of it, and solving problems as they arise. Research shows that 90% of the hard courses attract students who excelled … COURSE 1: SOUPS. Well, … With a diploma in pharmacy you can work as; pharmaceutical technologist, pharmacist, clinical research, medical editor, medical technician, etc. Some are studied online, and some are presented in a classroom. According to Kentrac College, A course in HRM grooms you for a post in Office Administration and management. Another boring government run website. Probably, that is the reason why over 70% of statistics degree holders in Kenya are employed. You might subsequently become a hotcake if you add these skills to your resume. Engineering courses combine mathematics,technology and Science to produce solutions to world problems. This is because it shall be easier for a learner to pursue the right course in a college or university upon admission. This course may not be as popular in Kenya, but it sure is one of the marketable courses in Kenya 2017. Other best paying courses and top degrees in Kenya include Pharmacy, Vision Science, and Architecture. It’s also on the list of the top 10 best-paying and most marketable degree courses in Kenya in 2021. Again, individuals with digital marketing skills easily get employed. The first way of making money anywhere is having something to sell. This is one of the best technical courses in Kenya. arrow_downward. The Commission of University Education(CUE) has released a List of Universities Offering “Useless” Courses in Kenya.The universities have been found to offer rejected 133 courses that have a cumulative enrollment of 10,000 slots in various Universities in Kenya. If that's your question, then you are looking for a course that position you highly in the job market.With the rising level of unemployment in Kenya, it is best if you do a course that is most marketable in the… Lifestyle. Most of the hard courses are found in the schools of Mathematics, Engineering, Health Sciences and Information Technology. Kenya Utalii College Courses. Below are the most marketable diploma courses you should study in Kenya in 2016-2017. However, most graduates end up jobless despite being awarded certificates with amazing GPA results. Favourite employers include Safaricom, Jamii Telecom Ltd, IBM, Telkom, Airtel, banks, and other tech companies developing apps, websites, and software applications. If you have a passion for pharmacy, then you should consider pursuing a diploma in pharmacy. Contact Schools Directly Top Courses in Kenya 2021. Training Duration. Economics And Statistics. This is what we earned after investing Sh. But Kenyan Universities too offer courses which are accredited and require both hard work and endurance to get a certificate at the end… 114 tips and reviews. It will help you learn the designing, development, testing, and supervision of different electrical systems. List of Universities Offering “Useless” Courses in Kenya. Master’s degrees require more advanced study than undergraduate degrees and may be required before entering a doctorate program. This is because most enthusiasts have been inquiring from us about multiple educational topics. In this article, we shall enlighten you of the best engineering courses offered at JKUAT University. The course is offered at; KMTC, Kisii University, Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, Nairobi Technical Training Institute, among others. Most Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya Many Kenyans are rushing to pursue degree programs, but do you know there are diploma courses which are more marketable than university courses? Publisher - Product Reviews, Top Picks and How To. Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation. Kenyan Universities have been in recent past under scrutiny for offering courses which are not accredited or courses which are somehow worthless to students once they graduate. If you are aspiring to enroll for any engineering course in Kenyan Universities, check the credibility of the course. Here are examples of marketable diploma courses in Kenya; The course is set to equip you with a wide range of management skills that will help you implement and evaluate marketing strategies to help achieve an organization’s goals. Again, the least marketable courses in Kenya are as well the easiest courses … Over the years the course has been growing in width and breadth, beating the former hot cake courses like Medicine and electrical & electronics Engineering. 2. You will find that the courses that were highly positioned in the job market some years back are no longer in the position. Latest list of the top 10 best and most marketable courses in Kenya 2021. The training will begin on 18/01/2021. Below are top 10 hardest courses to study in Kenya as Kenyan students find them to be complex, demanding, and hard. Top 20 Best Paying and Marketable Diploma courses in Kenya Today. I Was Raped As A Sex Worker And This Is What I Want You To Know. To enhance its professionalism, achieve its mission and Vision, the Kenya Defense Forces has a number of core values and beliefs which it strictly observes. Ok, it also has the A7 which is a 64 bit processor that has made competitors like Samsung feel jealous, even though they are the manufacturer of the chipset. The reason being, most of them studied the least marketable courses in Kenya and Africa as a continent. In Kenya, you can pursue this course at; Zetech University, UON, JKUAT, NIBS Technical College, etc. Oil and Gas. With the discovery of oil in the country, there is a need for more experts in Kenya. This course will take you through technical and creative components of filmmaking including; camera operation, screenwriting, production management and directing, editing and sound design. Students already taking these courses may discontinue as those who have graduated face being blocked out of the job market. I am sure you have come across graduates who are unemployed or even doing a different job from what they studied. We all know that going to college/university in Kenya promises the opportunity to further your education, meet new people and get a taste of independence. Architecture. This is because production companies in Kenya are expanding and increasing in number. Other related and less employable courses include Front office (at all levels) -the salaries are very little even if … Currently, all industries are trying to keep up with the current trends in technology. 7. Institutions offering this course are; JKUAT, Technical University of Mombasa, Kenyatta University, Technical University of Kenya,  Moi University among others.

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