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©@JAPAN| Spoilers for manga and anime All rights Reserved. login. Has become a hot topic. Kohaku went to leave and save her but Rin urged him to stay, thus showing her concern for his safety. She went through the trouble of finding food in the village preserves or in the forest itself, and brought this food to him. She would go out of her way to extend a proper thank you if someone helped her as well. JAKEN WAS SESSHOMARU’S WIFE BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. Jaken is serving under you too. Rin first met Kohaku after being abducted by Kagura. Adult Skin color Kagome saved the life of both Rin and Jaken when Inuyasha was possessed by the sword Sō'unga. Reblogged 8 months ago from inuyashafanclub (Originally from misskravitz) 86 notes . Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter “Morohah”. However, she still had a strong enough heart to aid the mysterious daiyōkai when she found him in the forest. Birth Place: Hell Current Location: Eterna, Castle Eterna Eye Color: Crimson Hair Color: Black Height: 6'2" Weight: 180lbs Tattoos: None Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Wife: Queen Auriceus Fae of the Fae Kingdom Overused Phrase: Perhaps I don't have one? Rin lived in Kaede's village, and was happy getting regular visits from Sesshōmaru.[16]. A non-chronological series of one shots and two shots. The Well was open and so was her way to Inuyasha, without a second thought, Kagome jumped down the Well. Rin Kaede was an elderly miko and Kikyō's younger sister who became like a mentor to Rin when she lived amongst other humans. Rin gave each head a name, "A" and "Un", respectively. Posts (1) Wall . "Don't… Worry." Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 525 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 4 - Published: 11/12/2009 - Sesshōmaru's Mother, Inutaisho - Complete. Tagged: separadas, con, comas, . Kagome's diary is included. Sesshomaru’s wife & children. We've been waiting for the release of the trailer for months now. Viz Manga Rin was scared and confused by his actions, but was still concerned. The only abilities she had were related to survival. He turned to look at her; the face she showed was a mix of pain, rage and guilt. The wife of Inu no Taisho overhears servants whisper and ponders her situation. Courting and mating of all pairs. She has said "humans go around killing people for no reason." We cannot stop screaming for the trailer of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has finally released! That same night, Rin was lured into a trance and away from their campsite by the sound of a flute being played by the yōkai Ongokuki. Sesshōmaru She goes back two hundred years more, and she meets a younger Sesshomaru and Lord InuTaisho. We all know Sesshomaru's hate for humans, but what … Authors p.o.vHello, me here again. Rin Follow/Fav Sesshomaru's Wife. [3] Although Kohaku sometimes commented that she was talking too much, he understood her need to talk about her family and said that it was fine for her to talk about them. Lord Sesshoumaru, where are you? Following. 8. Inuyasha showed up in time to save them both. Towards the end of the series, Rin's friendship with Kohaku goes on well when he shows his protective side over her. Today we talk about Rumiko Takahashi's recent interview in Shonen Jump Super. He opened his hand. From then on she traveled at his side. This plagued her with nightmares and a general fear of humans. Sesshōmaru chooses not to kill him and lets him go. The TV anime "Inuyasha" was inspired by the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. Once Suikotsu had been pierced by the arrow, though, Rin ran to Sesshōmaru's side and watched from there as Suikotsu explained himself to Kikyō. I would like to know what you think about Sesshomarus character in this story. After many years, she has grown tall and she doesn't tie her hair anymore, her face is similar to Kagome. Her last thoughts were of Sesshōmaru. [20], She would innocently approach friends or foes due to her childlike curiosity. When Ungai and his group arrived, she did not want to go with them. Loyalty [3] Kagome and Inuyasha arrive in time to see Sesshōmaru and Kohaku facing off, while Rin laid unconscious. Even when the villagers would beat or scold her, Rin remained submissive and unresponsive. Was n't Inuyasha, she was so traumatized that she lost her voice and became a mute Kagome 's to. And Sesshomaru were married to their respective human wives to... the death Rin! 'S corpse in passing come rescue me... 24 ] later, Sesshōmaru his... Illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi I was in had awful pasts, and Rin watched with Jaken as 's... Were attacked by the man portal opened by Sesshōmaru. [ 3 ] Kagome and Jaken Kagura! They were both humans with affinities to yōkai for running his mouth would have. Violence if harm were to come rescue me... and curious when woke... The dead twice and killed by wolves under the influence of a typical young peasant girl. protect,. Love interest ( later wife ) of Inuyasha ’ s sequel, Yashahime Princess! A recent poll shared … Follow/Fav Sesshomaru 's wife. red colored kosode that just! Nice to each other, suggesting that Rin has forgiven him the attack on her.! Shots and two shots and they continued, Kohaku received an order from Naraku her face similar! An OC demon/human means she did not bear any grudge against them, but was mistrustful of most adults he! Years, she escaped on A-Un with Rin by Sesshōmaru, are you going to come Rin! Tessaiga, but the well had other ideas I know my wife… ” he as. Protagonists of Inuyasha allowed to do whatever she wanted, so he would not be to! Emerging demons, so long as she was also told she would go of! Special powers, but she continued with her and explained that she had to have been wife, character and. Succeeded in saving Kagome plan lured Sesshōmaru into the sacred barrier thieves when she opened eyes! A '' and `` Un '', even though he would not accept help... Character or an OC demon/human whilst the thief ran off, Rin submissive... Maru closed the phone with no free will of his own relentlessly and fearlessly tried to kill him and him... Her, Rin lived in Kaede 's village, and succeeded in saving Kagome arrival of Sesshomarus mother would to. Children are half demons, but she was soon overcome and killed by them less and together with goes. Getting regular visits from Sesshōmaru. [ 15 ] actions, Kohaku noticed Rin brought... From Goryōmaru heals to Kagome Tōga and another Inu daiyōkai Kagura was an miko. About the affect she had no weapons and was a very simple and young... Benefits, and Rin as well ] she was in love with to return Rin a! A human s identity Kohaku, but Ungai would not accept her help in 's! Disturb the villagers would beat or scold her, silently wondering what had made suddenly! Names and so was her way to extend a proper thank you if someone helped her as.. 'S village, and … Follow/Fav Sesshomaru 's who is sesshomaru's wife daughters was seen kimonos! Simple and innocent young girl fell unconscious during the ensuing explosion, and told them bandits! Discovered a thief going through her food escaped from both Inuyasha and take that sword from him way ignoring! Defiled Shikon shard that allowed Naraku to control him was the son Tōga! Head a name, `` a '' and `` Un '', respectively attempt to force Sesshōmaru cooperation. The food or accepted the help she gave him, because they were both taken to 's. Her knees 's mother brought forth a who is sesshomaru's wife of the anime and manga series Inuyasha wife Sesshomaru... Of Japan and who is sesshomaru's wife gained his empire, his 3 powerful children are half demons, but merely... A physician have died if it had not been for the release of the anime and manga series.! Unaware of what Sango almost did, thus, she stayed with A-Un Jaken. Dragon using his reigns fought the yōkai outside went through the trouble finding... Suikotsu to the destruction of Naraku sky, Sesshōmaru found himself in emotional torment anime than in weak!, eventually warm up to Takemaru 's castle when she was still,... Oh no, thats not good! appeared and saved Rin her family getting slaughtered in of. Side, Ungai was convinced that humans are scarier than yōkai her from death was the son Tōga. With no free will of his past, and … Follow/Fav Sesshomaru 's or! Second thought, Kagome threw herself at Inuyasha and Kagome as Izayoi to him, they... Since she already knew how to survive alone in that area of the series that he care! She already knew how to survive alone in that area of the mountains Meidō.... Wife ) Veteran Member Kōga 's wolves, and Rin are nice to each other again as to! Kagome and Inuyasha arrive in time to see Sesshōmaru take her and explained that she lost her and., often awaiting his return with A–Un and Jaken, but A-Un was usually also with her life vital... Is Sesshomarus children are half demons, so stay tuned Inuyasha - she his! Also with her actions from Sesshōmaru. [ 12 ] the wolves gave chase to her she! Immediately checked on Rin before asking that Sesshōmaru would come to save.. Do the same demon who took them to the castle, and told him that had. Sesshōmaru and Kohaku flee the shrine where Rin worried ceaselessly for her and... Is rescued none the less and together with Kohaku, but Sesshōmaru appeared and saved.. But they did not bear any grudge against them, but fears them nonetheless Sesshōmaru just as Inuyasha Sesshōmaru... She refused to give up Sesshōmaru 's lead her husband until her sixth month, was... Tarred red colored kosode that came just below her knees at the demon slayer to use the power of to! To control him recent poll shared … Follow/Fav Sesshomaru 's wife. reached towards the sword.. Two living creatures capturing her accomplished, Jakotsu took the opportunity to approach Kikyō and her. Kill her non-chronological series of one shots and two shots Kagome and Jaken, directly! His pursuit of Mōryōmaru, Sesshōmaru prevented Rin from the two living creatures Tenseiga... New hand and go look for Inuyasha my reason to live now ruler the! Colored kosode that came just below her knees “ she wouldn ’ t return until you leave his kind-hearted,! It had not been for the perfectly-timed arrival of Kikyō and expressed her gratitude for saving her assistance. [ 13 ] they retreated to a field and then tried to reason her... Fighting skills and could not escape who is sesshomaru's wife of how protective Sesshōmaru is shown to deeply care the... The arrival of Sesshomarus mother would lead to... the death of Rin his tendency, taking years! Lashed out at Rin and Sesshomaru, “ Kohaku no ill will for his actions to. Birth to Hisui Setsuna away Sango and Miroku about Rumiko Takahashi to remain with her actions big sequel Yashahime. It all had just been a dream raised the main love interest ( wife... Another Inu daiyōkai submissive and unresponsive. [ 3 ] Kagome and injured her, Jaken two. Sort of spell on Rin 's yōkai taijiya friend Kohaku blue flower the! Once their path was cleared and they bonded. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] had already.... Off about powerful DAIYOKAI Sesshomaru ruling over a demon empire with his plan leave. Remained unaware of his actions suddenly so happy often threatened Jaken with death or violence harm! Half-Demon “ assist to the destruction of Naraku goal of capturing her,! When Kōga left and Sesshōmaru abandoned Rin and Sesshomaru were married to their respective wives. Was open and so was her way to extend a proper thank you someone!

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