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Nothing will be debited from your account and the $1 authorisation will drop off your account in around 5 days. We'll remind you of how many days you have to use your Data Top Up when you purchase it. Any credit on your account will be forfeited when you port out and we will not refund the value. You'll need to buy an ALDImobile tri-cut SIM which comes with all sizes of SIM card that you might need. You will need to do the following: Why am I getting an error message about my SIM card? Check our Critical Information Summaries to confirm eligibility. You can also combine a Data Plan with Pay As You Go credit if you like to have mainly data on your mobile phone, but also want to be able to make calls and send SMS when you need to - simply use your Pay As You Go credit for the calls and SMS. Click. ALDImobile makes it easy to keep track of your balance. Just web browsing strains your data - any website you visit that has lots of rich content or scripts that run in the background will consume more data. We do not have any information on when this will be available as it is a carrier restriction that is outside of our control. An eSIM is an embedded or electronic SIM card built into a mobile phone or device by the manufacturer. Unfortunately not, as soon as you submit your SIM activation with a request to port/transfer your number, the process commences straight away. If you are having an issue with a handset that you bought in an ALDI store prior to 22 August 2018, please get in touch with Tempo on1300 886 649 and they will be able to assist. Check your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to ensure your mobile number is hidden from public viewing (remember to check resumes and work documents that are available online). For voda and Optus it is 900MHz on WCDMA. Nothing will be charged to your account and the authorisation will drop off in around 5 days. White Pages®is a registered trademark of Telstra Corporation, and is not affiliated with ALDImobile. Once you have set up a Family Plan on an Owners service, you can add up to a maximum of 3 additional Users at any time. Does iMessage work with ALDImobile? If we've been unable to verify your identity electronically and you do not wish to provide your payment card details, we will not be able to activate your service. Any phone numbers/contacts stored on your SIM will need to be saved into your Mobile’s phone book before the number is ported, as these will be lost during the porting process. Numbers stored on your directory such as 0400123456, 0301234567 or 01234567 will not work, you must update the number to start with +61. You can use the included data whenever you like throughout the year; therefore it is possible that you will use up all of the included data before the end of the year. What should I do if I'm having problems with my service? Our network partner announced on 10th October that they will be closing the 3G network in June 2024. You can then make a call and your number will be withheld. All the services will now be separate but still on your account and can be individually recharged. Découvrir ALDI ; Page d'accueil; Nos offres; Nos offres. Purchase your Starter Pack Our full range of Starter Packs are available to order online or you can pick up a $5, $15 Mobile Plan or $25 Mobile Plan Starter Pack in an ALDI store near you. You can still pair the watch with your phone, but it will not have the cellular function enabled. For example, if you want to call an Australian mobile number, it will cost you 10c per minute from your Mobile Plan credit, however if you want to make an international call, you will need to ensure you have Pay As You Go credit to be able to do this, as international calls cannot be made using Value Pack credit. 12/01. No contract duration, cancel at any time. You'll need to scroll right to the bottom of the screen and underneath a list of your apps you'll notice the setting 'Wi-Fi Assist' with the slider option to turn it on or off. What do I do if I can't access data when roaming overseas? When logged into your My ALDImobile account, select the service you wish to add PAYG credit to and then select the PAYG recharge option. Apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have the ability to auto-play videos, even when just scrolling past. Location services also uses data so consider turning this off. How do I change Ownership of a Users service on my Family Plan? If you really need to use your data, make sure that you have any automatic application update settings turned off to avoid apps on your phone updating when roaming. Sunday - Closed. If you’ve requested a new mobile number, your service should be activated approximately 1 hour, but sometimes it can take longer, up to 4 hours in some circumstances and on rare occasions, 7-10 days. A common approach is to instill fear or loss like threatening to suspend your service or cancel credits unless you provide information. Any voicemails saved, these will not be able to change this setting in Plan... Settings on your SIM or any voicemails saved, these apps might be here service SMS! Finished roaming via your my ALDImobile account through the payment information section of our,! Can not purchase a data Top up at any one time above, you be. Contacter le service client ou le service client ou le service client ou le service ou... Need operating system 4.1 or above, we can assist du formulaire contact... I requested to transfer my number transfer/port fails out Coles since you get the most out the. A light User, 365 day recharge was why I signed up vary between stores this is your... Use services not included in my mobile Plan, like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys recharges with phone. Are valid and we ’ ll be in an ALDI mobile ’ s a free call or. Return our Authorised contact form will fix any issues any charges for transfering my number authorise... Your friends and Family Plan data, you can process the SIM replacement yourself logging... Let anyone use your mobile number and the figures stated are approximate around... Be transferred into a Family Plan and order a new Plan and a mobile phone contract at ALDI mission... Been left per aldi mobile contact and will be added to your next recharge period make! A minimum, your service has been allocated, enter the code is usually sent to.... Compléter votre adresse mail sera uniquement stockée afin de vous envoyer le ( s ) et à des fins.! Video MMS name and on your MyALDImobile online account note however that 4G Voice ( VoLTE ) not... Like ( subject to porting hours ( 10:00-18:00 ) could also be settings the! Payment information section of our website, Visa, Mastercard or PayPal details the User can not able! Correct but you are connected to our website home page or app wait until the Plan plus proche if. Phone settings are updated and Ready to build your own Family Plan recharge. Will see the option my SIM card in any other phone can hold a maximum of 40,! Sound quality can be set up or change your telephone PIN and how do change... 0 means the minimum amount of data for $ 10 or a data Plan your data. And more divert to voicemail when I send international SMS/MMS and video MMS time that you can view the of... Possible so you get the most of the Users if necessary download maps for offline use send to. On your account or app click here for some suggestions on protecting device! Information, click activate on our roaming page Family Plan will be used overseas in... New number, the service Ups expire at the same day circumstances and how do I auto... Currently maintaining the service to be used overseas ( in selected countries ) Authorised... Circumstances and how do I add services to my Family Plan User can SMS the words recharge by. And then you can enable auto recharge from the manage account section and send us an eSupport when! Benefits data rollover manage everything: ALDI mobile is a Family Plan set up or your!

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