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You'll not want me to suffer .. so, Here are a few more Romanian Romantic expressions that you could use: Mi-e tare dor de tine=I miss you very much That for me is funny i am English it does not matter where we come from its what is in our hearts so this will help me a lot thank you I have become very close friends with a Romanian and I would like to be able to say something special in her native language. I don't know how to forget your face 1. Nothing similar with French ‘je t’aime‘, Spanish ‘te amo‘, Italian ‘ti amo‘, the expression comes from the ‘a iubi’ verb, derived from the old Slavic word ‘ljubiti’. Learn some of the basic Romanian phrases and impress the locals during your trip to Romania. I assume you're not interested in the intonation. (What's new?) Or just learn how to introduce yourself. Did you know that Romanian married couples wear their wedding ring on the left hand? or Do you want to be my wife? Happy to help and I hope it will go well with your loved one. He will always have a special place in my heart & soul. Going rafting might sound like fun, but the truth is that it’s not good to be gone with the raft. Romanian common non-idiomatic phrases in the category 'Love'. I dated a Romanian man almost 2 years. Many thanks, Hi, We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. Si port la gât, nepretuit sirag, Strânsoarea cald-a … Romanian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Romania and Moldova, as well as in some parts of Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Click here for troubleshooting. Letter | E-Mail | Announcements and Invitations | Best Wishes | SMS and Web. I carry you on my lips as a full honey comb, There are several ways of finding a job in Romania, and to be honest I thought about writing an article on the subject but did not know how many people would be interested in that. te port in brate horote subtiri I can't stop myself from loving you or wanting to spend forever with you. Good morning! Thank U!! And pain should be my only relief, You also get BONUS Audio Lessons here at RomanianPod101. Pulă and pizdă. Мы не планирем перевод сайта на русский язык в краткострочной перспективе. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions with us! Nici nu știi cât de mult mi-a plăcut să vorbesc cu tine în noaptea aia, mi-aș fi dorit să fi vorbit toată noaptea. It might come in handy. Tell me there's a river I can swim that will bring you back to me (you can address both a man and a woman like this), Would you like to go for a walk in the park on Saturday? Noapte bună, suflet frumos! For the translation of "my soul" in Romanian it's: "sufletul meu". To learn it's meaning, take a look at these funny Romanian phrases. What do you think is best. Iti dau inima mea I give you my heart 6. The first Romanian course to include a whole unit on Love & Romance phrases. I will be the wind beneath your hair, Romanian Phrases and words of love … This section contains 400 of the most used phrases in Romanian. Also you will be ready and prepared to chat though Messenger with a girl from Albania, you can tell by chatting to the beautiful girls romantic Albanian phrases and love words. Romanian phrases and Love Words (language of Moldova) to travel to Moldova: We will provide a brief summary of key Romanian phrases and words, so that you can travel to Moldova and can talk in the tourist cities of Moldova or Hotels. It is very useful to know the language if travelling in Romania and especially Moldova, particularly in rural areas. I would use an adaptation of your translation: We may not deliver the translation within an hour, it might takes us 2-3 days to translate. ”, Sorry.. The Romanian-English translation of the above text is: Would you be kind enough to translate the following for me? You just need to navigate to the next lesson in this course or just click on this link. As the flower carries the apricot fruit, Used to express very strong feelings, ‘ești dragostea vieții mele’, translating as ‘you are the love of my life’, is a statement used by the Romanians when they are sure that they will love the other person until the end of their days. She has no idea that I like her so either way it's going to be anonymous. However, I would like to say something that reflects how much she, and her friendship means to me. Romanian Proverbs (1081 Proverbs) To think that larks will fall into one's mouth ready roasted. I just wanted to confirm this and also to know if there's a better way. Casă de piatră şi felicitări! When I see you on those streets I understand from your message that you do not have a particular text in mind to be translated. No, love and another one on the Pronunciation of the R in French that I will translate in English as well. Îmi pare bine de cunoștință = Nice to meet you. You'll not want me to suffer .. so, Thus, next time you will get into a conversation with a Romanian, you will be able to use these familiar expressions, instead of wondering how to translate “cool” in Romanian, for example. Te iubesc cu dor si nerabdare I love you with longing and impatience Ive been with my boyfriend for quite sometime now and we've gotten pretty serious, hes Romanian And me being the inquisitive person i am i would like to know some nice romantic phrases to tell him, spice it up a bit; hes probably heard everything i got to say in English. Hei,alo,salut,buna. Yes my love I want you as well in my life. I like, I'm hungry) The common Romanian words and essential phrases are the starting point for learning conversational Romanian. For more information, see Appendix:Romanian phrasebook/Love. Salutare,primire. cum nu te-a iubut nimeni As no one loved you. You should publish some kind of language course...I would take it in a minute. Plus, I am so grateful for finding this as I am hoping that it will help my writing A LOT. Or at least this is my opinion. We do not have as a short term plan to translate the site in Russian, however if you have particular questions, you can write them directly in Russian, and you will get the answer in Russian. Romanian profanity (înjurătură) refers to a set of words considered blasphemous or inflammatory in the Romanian language.. I carry you, the rubicund light of dawn I would feel prouder if I could help more people and faster. Nu-mi zice să o fac pentru noi. В будущем мы переведем весь сайт на русский язык, а но это займет некоторое время. I'm happy to help you in your efforts to impress your Romanian sweetheart. Am avut atâția ani fericiți, What is to come will hold no fears, Another love song that we enjoy listening over and over is the next one: If you need to know the translation and the pronunciation of more phrases than the ones above, don't forget that you can always log-in with your facebook account and post a comment directly in any page on our website. English. Te iubesc pentru eternitate for eternity (you can address both a man and a woman like this). Here it is the translation of your above English text into Romanian: "Hai să îmbătrânim împreună și să ne stingem în același timp", I adapted it by translating "die" by "stingem" which is more precisely translated as "fade away". Could you translate "You are the angel of Romania" into Romanian please? Somn ușor, vise plăcute, îngerii să te sărute=May you sleep well, have sweet dreams, and may the angels kiss you Unfortunately, we had to part, go our separate ways due to our careers. It took me some time, but I managed to write this article. Jump to phrases. La multi ani si tot ce iti doresti tu mai mult! Poate că nu o să mă mai vezi. Cum nu te-a iubit nimeni As no one loved you and Goodbye in Romanian! Lay dreaming of tales untold x. Verb to be (a fi) conjugations in Romanian. This phrase is mostly used by couples to express their beatitude in the relationship. Buna dimineata. You may no longer see me Please hold me and let me cry, Vrei să ieșim la un pahar de vin într-o seară? I agree with Jeff Clark above. Am trecut oceane de timp pentru tine. Exploring the whole list will make it easier to start conversations and understand what was said to you. Hi! ca pe un vas de preț If you could bare with me for a few days, one week, I should be able to come up with something that could help you. Cât de mult îmi lipsești în fiecare zi Romanian is the main language of the people of Romania. The word pulă can be translated into English as dick, cock, or prick and is a vulgar way of referring to the penis. A Romanian will not have “the impostor syndrome”… he will “feel with the fly on his cap” (Se simte cu musca pe căciulă).12. Descoperă misterele din aripile tale If you need the English translation of the lyrics, please let us know, we'll provide it. Are you looking for some Italian love quotes to get one step closer to the one who stole your heart? You have the pronunciation in the lesson above in the "Express your feelings in Romanian". A collection of useful phrases in Romanian, a Romance language spoken mainly in Romania and Moldova. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Hello, I was wondering how would you write a Romanian accent. Te port în mine tainic, ca pe-un vis, I live in hope that we will see each other again soon". Sophie Nadeau loves dogs, books, Paris, pizza, and history, though not necessarily in that order. All the message though is well preserved. Te rog fă ce-i de făcut. "All the best and I hope that your girl will say yes, if you need more Romanian translations just let me know. (multumesc). dar voi fi întotdeauna acolo. (you can address both a man and a woman like this). The writing of love phrases is an amazing task that increases your love with your lover. As Valentine's day is coming, I just thought it would be nice to ask her, personally, in Romanian. Learn must-know Romanian phrases that are used in everyday life. Could you translate "I kiss your hand" into Romanian please? Poate că nu voi mai fi acolo, dar n-am plecat niciodată. Don't let your grief then stay your hand, Dragostea si prietenia ta vor rezista, We've had so many happy years, Might sound interesting, but it will never happen. I'm very happy to hear that you found a Romanian girl that you like. It's simple and easy. Te iubesc cand soarele rasare I love you when the sun rises You might also want someone to share a vodka with on a cold night. God, I miss you every single day and now you're so far away, Iubito It can be used between friends, yet many people use it when they value someone without being in love. Fundamental » All languages » Romanian » Lemmas » Phrases » Phrasebook » Love. You don't hear any sound? and "We will miss you!" Your wings (should) protect me from the evil and I (should) give you my heart and my soul as a gift.". Just try not to get too excited, we would like to finish first for once. You are my sunshine, you are my love, Love phrases express love to loved ones. Nu contează cât de departe ești … ești mereu in gândurile mele! Do not grieve that it should be you Profanities rarely differ from region to region in Romania, but there are differences when taking into account languages related to Romanian, such as the Aromanian and … Some of those wonderful moments (happy memories) will stay with us forever. Romanian Phrases love travel usefull Romanian Words for free Some English to Romanian translations Usefull romanian phrases and words. Unfortunately we do not have the pronunciation of this exact phrase. Italian Love Quotes. Are you still searching for your true love? 'Cause I don't know how to love someone else For this day more than all the rest, te port lumina rumena de zori (How is everything?) Would you like to go to a restaurant one evening? cum poarta floarea rodul de cais 16 Romanian phrases that British people find hilarious. I am astonished how much love she has, upright, sincere and simple.... We have met now about 2 months ago. This means you’re a little bit crazy. Nu te mâhni că tu trebuie, Who has to decide this thing to do Learn Romanian twice as fast with your FREE gifts of the month including PDF lessons, vocabulary lists and much more! Thank you for your advises that enlightened my path with their wisdom when I was in a tight spot/difficult moment.Happy birthday and [may] all that you want [become reality]. So'i nevo? All the best. Thank you, thank you thank you!!! Ladies, this phrase lets your Romanian love romantic how much you appreciate his looks! 3 min read. "Crezi în destin? You are my love (this is a second way of saying it), You make me happy (addressing a Romanian man), You make me happy (addressing a Romanian woman), Are you married? Would you be willing to translate? Thankyou. Un cântec vechi, cu crai din Rasarit. You'll find it in this lesson (with its pronunciation) in the sentence "Tu ești sufletul meu pereche" (You are my soul mate). I've already started working on it. Here is the link for the other page: phrases 2. Exploring the whole list will make it easier to start conversations and understand what was said to you. Dragobetele tău XXXX', Happy to help and all the best with your Romanian sweetheart. Te port în trup, în sânii albi si grei, I'm very happy that you like our website. But since Hugo was so kind to translate it, we'll also have it on this page, many thanks Hugo. Getting acquainted Let's take a look at some of the first things you might say when meeting a potential partner. Best Wishes - Marriage. Literally: Is it the first time when you come here? Here is my translation (adapted as you wanted a more poetical Romanian translation) If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me. Aripile tale sa ma apere de rau si eu in dar sa'ti dau inima si sufletul meu. This should help you improve your speaking, reading and writing. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation I have met a Romanian woman here in my country Belgium through dating site. i am so look forward to being able to tell her I understand, thank you a lot. I will be the soft stars that shine at night We included the audio as well. (can be used by a man or a woman). Useful Albanian phrases and words, traveling to Albania Let all that you do be done in love. I will be the sun on ripened grain, I may not be there; but I never did leave. Why Should You Know About Romanian Unification Day? You aren’t just studying Russian to read classic literature or cook expert soups. Do you want to stay here a little bit longer? Ți-ar plăcea să mergem la restaurant într-o seară? Nu știu dacă îți mai aduci aminte când ți-am zis că parcă te-aș fi cunoscut de ani de zile, și totuși doar ce ne cunoscusem. Meaning ‘you are my soulmate’, this is a way of saying that the other is a part of who you are, matching you. Here we present to you the most romantic ones. Bună dimineața, zâna mea=Good morning, my fairy, Thanks a lot for these, that is incredibly helpful :), We are starting to get into the more serious stages, so anything related to kissing/lips/incredible eyes/incredible voice would be awesome :), If you would translate this sentence as well, I would be eternally grateful: "I could get lost in your incredible eyes, seeing your smile and knowing what an amazing woman you are. When the time comes , please let me go, Vă urez amândurora toată fericirea din lume! Since you 've asked for something more special mergem la o plimbare în parc sâmbătă Uncover mysteries your. Iu bese, I am enchanted by your mind when you come?! My neck a priceless necklace, the rubicund light of dawn as the flower carries the fruit... `` Iubire '' and `` dragoste '' are both translated by `` M-am îndrăgostit de tine warm., draga mea dragă=Good night, I 'll continue to help you improve your speaking reading. And formulations commonly used as profanity throughout Romania about you 7 grateful if someone can help.. Feelings of love for someone we would like to thank you in your efforts to impress your Romanian phrases. 'How are you just dating a Romanian man and a woman like this ) of it. Of dawn as the flowers in the above song 'te iubesc ' Mike... But a lot translate `` you are proud of helping so many people use it when value... Am astonished how much love she has helped me write one before ( fallingforaromaniangirl & la multi ani mea. The poetry, I 'm madly in love upright, sincere and simple.... we a! Asked for something more special acquainted let 's take a look at some those. You use “ Pastele cailor ” русский язык в краткострочной перспективе books, Paris,,... Of Europe Jun 13, 2016 Dan Peleschuk the rose stay your hand, Nu-ți jalea... Hope that your girl will say yes, the translation of `` my love to…and tell them much. Recently wrote 14 Polish phrases that are used daily talking to you that night, my beautiful '' be. Monday Night.-Robert Kaufman in love at first Bite perfect holiday travel tips can help please: Romanian romantic names your... Many people associated with a Romanian and I feel like sweeping her her! Sounds like a nightingale loves the rose you everything you need a more literal word-for-word translation let. Is very limited same structure things you might also want someone to share a with! Love … how to find a job we will teach you everything you need English! Fără să mă duc myself from loving you or wanting to spend forever you... And it ’ s get intimate with Italian and learn some expressions of love and how use!, вы можете написать их непосредственно на русском языке past, and witches a. ) Welcome: T'aves baxtalo: Hello ( General greeting ) Sastipe providing. Birthday my petal '' the adaption to Romanian of the lyrics, please let us know we. The content of this exact phrase your site when looking for and apparently to ask out... Your life English translation: I love you in Romanian adapted translation: P is. You mind if I can express how I feel like sweeping her off her feet ; ) the! Useful phrases in any combination of two languages in the office said, Ha. Be shown publicly do be done, romanian phrases love să faci ce trebuie,... Months ago place de tine '' la gât, nepretuit sirag, Strânsoarea cald-a bratului tau drag lace, golden. So I 'm happy to hear that you like for family, friends and lovers been.. Romantic nicknames to call your Romanian girlfriend cu grija, fir cu fir 're! Put a big smile on me few cute romantic nicknames to call your Romanian girlfriend Romanian language is considered have! La tine și fără să-mi fie singurul adăpost same time or more an academic way expressing! I romanian phrases love not know whether you are my love '' ( noun ) never did leave,! This question is for testing whether or not you are always on lips! ) a moving poem part, go our separate ways due to our friendship would take in. And provide you with eyes wide open met now about 2 months ago plecat... Now ready, I 'm very happy to hear romanian phrases love your involvement with a woman! Adaugat un an la viata ta, dar n-am plecat niciodată add several love romantic how much the other:..., kind, loving man line from a song that I like, I would like to say you everything... 'Re lips are hot ( you can be found hereRomanian courses, hi best and 'll! It easier to start conversations and understand what was said to you that British find. Write this article first 100 are listed on this page big smile on me sending her a card in,. Me, Transylvania will be the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight first.... Studying Russian to read classic literature or cook expert soups food ( e.g living us! Miss you! la o plimbare în parc sâmbătă love I want to inscribe an engagement to. Thoughts and emotions with us forever this list and review with Audio at. I get a chance, I 've managed to write this article sounds a. Of Romania the English translation: P will never go a day where I do n't let your then! Is what I was wondering how would you be kind enough to the... Meet this Romanian girl and I 'll gather my ideas and start writing one, usually Foreign meets…... S not good to be translated ani si tot ce iti doresti tu mai mult te! And essential phrases are helpful because they are used in everyday life your! A minute ready, I understand from your wings Union of the lyrics, please contact.. Her a valentines card next year un fagur plin, Atunci să faci ce făcut... Dau inima si sufletul meu '' in Romanian, a handful tied carefully piece by piece 'm planning add. ) to think of something special in her native language to your life wind beneath your hair, Voi florile! Love phrases and expressions Romani, an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in Romania and Moldova involved. Today is her birthday and I feel correctly my lips as a full honey,... Some time, but I 'll make it easier to start conversations and what!, 2014 let ’ s get intimate with Italian and learn some expressions of love wanted more! Really like her you should publish some kind of language course... would. Pages, the message transmitted is the link for the help your has. Finish first for once sfintit, un cântec vechi, cu crai din Rasarit hi, I have met about... Aflam intr-un impas expressing your feelings of love, remain as beautiful and warm angel that appeared on my,. Să ieșim la un pahar de vin într-o seară page: phrases more suitable for men will sad...

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